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Wanted posters were used in the Wild West to advertise rewards for the capture of outlaws and were typically posted in public places such as saloons, post offices, and sheriff’s offices with the rewards offered varying on the severity of the crime committed by the outlaw. Whilst it's difficult to say how many outlaws were captured as a result of these posters, they were an important tool in the fight against crime in the Wild West. This bandit game is very fast moving and you've only got six bullets in your gun before you need to reload, and you've got two fast shooting cowboys out to take you down! When you're ready to reload, hit your space bar to take cover, then your R button to give you a further six bullets. Use them wisely, its more difficult for you to hit your adversaries than it is for them to hit you! After you play this online bandit game why not check out our other free online games, some of the very best cowboy and wild west games available online!



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Play our free online bandit game, Gunslinger! In this bandit game, you're up against two fast shooting cowboys in the wild west!

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