Hanging Game

This is a short but sweet escape game in which you have to help the bandit escape from the noose and allow him to ride off on his horse, probably commit more crimes then end up inexactly the same position. But hey, that's for the future. Right now the only thing keeping him alive is his horse. If it gets hungry or thirty and rides off well, the outlaw is a gonner. Can you work out how to keep him alive? Today hanging is only legal in the states of Washington and New Hampshire however the first hanging in the new colonies occurred in 1623 when a certain Daniel Frank was found guilty of theft in the Jamestown colony. Hanging went onto become the favoured method of execution in the wild west as a public hanging was seen as a strict deterrent when sheriffs and lawmen attempted to establish law and order across the northern American states. After you play this hanging game why not check out our other free online games, some of the very best cowboy and wild west games available online!

Railroad Rescue

Railroad Rescue Game

It's a familiar scene in books and movies believed to have first appeared in a play by Charles Bolton called The Engineer in 1863. In this game, help save the girl who has been tied onto the railroad track before the train approaches.

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Hidden Letters

Cowboy Puzzle

In this frontier puzzle game try and find hidden letters in a series of cowboy and wild west images. Not a shoot 'em up game but fun all the same!

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