High Noon Game

Whilst gun fights between rival gangs wasn't uncommon in the early years of the wild west, the idea of a gun duel at high noon wasn't common place at all being rather a Hollywood invention. After all, if you want to kill someone, why give them the chance to kill you first? Outlaws and bandits weren't exactly known for their honour; a bullet in the back was more their style. In this high noon game however, you do get the chance to take part in a high noon gun duel. You have seven opponents, if you get that far, and can only start shooting when the bell rings. At the end of each level you will find out for whom the bell tolls. After you've played this high noon game why not check out and play our other online western and shooting games?

Quick Draw

Quick Draw Game

Despite its depiction in western movies, a quick draw duel was actually quite rare in the old wild west but in this quick draw game you need to shot a well known bandit before he shoots you first!

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Gun Draw

Cowboy Gun Game

Play this gun draw game by staring into the eyes of your opponent. Watch for the slightest movement and then press your spacebar to shoot. If you draw your gun and shoot too early you lose your badge, if you draw your gun too late, you're a gonner!

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