Minecart Game

The minecart is hundreds of years old and was used to transport minerals and men during the old mining days of the wild west. They were often attached to a narrow gauge locomotive and were able to bring mined products such as coal to the surface but also rocks that had been dug out as they men dug deeper into the mine. In this minecart game you're deep underground in an old wild west mine in California and your minecart's brakes have failed. You somehow need to steer it along the tracks without crashing and escape the mine. We would say its all good clean fun but many died in the old western minutes whilst many more suffered disabilities and thousands contracted tuberculosis at ten times the national average. Despite the dangers, many were keen to make their fortunes down the mines and many did at such places as Sutter’s Mill, Cripple Creek and Alder Gulch. After you play the game, why not check out and play our other free online games, some of the very best cowboy and wild west games available online!

Railroad Rescue

Railroad Rescue Game

It's a familiar scene in books and movies believed to have first appeared in a play by Charles Bolton called The Engineer in 1863. In this game, help save the girl who has been tied onto the railroad track before the train approaches.

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Railroad Construction

Railway Game

Help construct a railroad in the wild west and make sure the railway sections are in place to travel along safely before a train starts its journey to a train station.

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